One Deck of a Deal is designed to bring local merchants together with consumers and support fundraising efforts in their area.

How does it Work?


Merchants purchase advertising with One Deck of a Deal for a deck that represents their local market. Each merchant purchases ONE card from the deck. Consumers present the specific card that represents the merchant when making a purchase to receive what ever discount is associated with the card. The merchant then has the option to retain the card for marketing tracking purposes or return it to the consumer for another use in the future. Each deck is good through the entire calendar year. It’s that simple.


What is the Monthly Wildcard Offer?


Each merchant is given an opportunity to create one additional offer per month to list on our website. All local offers by the merchant for the Monthly Wildcard Offer can be downloaded in pdf format or simply viewed on the site. This gives each merchant an additional 12 marketing opportunities throughout the calendar year. When the Wildcard or Joker card is presented to the merchant at the time of purchase, once the merchant applies the discount THIS CARD MUST BE RETURNED TO CONSUMER for future use throughout the calendar year at all locations promoting the Monthly Wildcard Offer.


What are the fundraising opportunities?


While decks are offered for sale on our website, on social media sites and at local merchants, One Deck of a Deal understands the needs for local organizations and charities to raise funds. We will work with select organizations and charities to help them achieve their financial needs on a case by case basis. Simply complete the information request form on this web site and a representative will contact you shortly.

Can I sell decks myself to create some part-time income?


Here at One Deck of a Deal we keep an open mind. While this is outside of our particular business model, we will listen to any and all proposals from individuals. Again, simply complete the information request form on this web site and a representative will be in touch with you.

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